if anybody’s been wondering where i’ve been, i’ve been over here and probably will be for the rest of the week soooooo

@arden_cho: And filming begins.. Today I’m a ballerina :) 

There’s more to Hogwarts than the Quidditch pitch, the library and the common rooms.


 Here’s some more locations for your characters to be at:

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almost died today

my life flashed before my eyes

and it was…

subpar at best

like 2 out of 5 stars on netflix

being a calum girl without a calum fc

i think my favourite headcanon is that remus is actually the best fighter out of all my muses

and it’s weird because they’re just this absolute little ray of sunshine, like they move bugs off the sidewalk and lecture kids who step on flowers

but like if you so much as shoved one of remus’ friends

motherfucker would go off

i mean like roundhouse kicks and chokeholds and breaking bones with one punch

but even after they totally destroy somebody, and everyone around is staring in shock

they’d just stand up with that trademark bashful smile, wipe the blood off their face and fix their flower crown like “oh gosh guys, i’m sorry you had to see that!”

like fuck i love remus hiding their baddassery under layers and layers of flowers and giggling



Knowledge about plants that can cure or harm has been prized, and feared, for hundreds of years. In this enchanted book, you’ll find out which poisons are produced by which plants, and flip the pages to reveal history and folklore. 

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    What is the best way to a man’s heart?

                                                           Between the fourth and fifth rib. 


omg wow i hit 200 and i just???? i dont know why any of you are here (except for ike 2 of u i know from past lives) so this makes me feel rlly loved <3

my tru luvs

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