Gabriel’s honestly not sure how to apologize for being gone for so long without so much as a phone call. But he’ll try his best.
——I brought donuts! He practically yells as soon as the door opens, holding the box out with a bright red face and a guilty shuffle of his feet. I-I’m sorry and I missed you and… I-I brought donuts.


[Ramen watches him, lips pulling into a straight line before they’re speaking in an overly sweet tone.]


"How about you demonstrate you shoving that piece of wood up your arse?"

          [The smirk is gone now, a soft frown taking its place as Benjamin slowly puts his wand back into his robe pocket.]

               ”——Well, that’s a bit inappropriate, don’t you think?

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               ”——Um, e-excuse me, is t-there any chance y-you’ve seen a green jumper ‘round here? My sister thinks i-it’s ugly, so she h-hid it. He really loves that sweater, if you can’t tell just by looking at his worried grimace.

          Potions had never been Gabriel’s strong suit. Not just because it was confusing as hell, but because he always found it hard to focus in a class where he didn’t even have as much as an acquaintance. And of course, because the universe hates him, Potions had to be the class with the most partner projects.
          Watching every other kid practically launch out of their seats to scuttle over to their friends, Gabriel just pulls his books closer to his chest and sighs. Ah, yes, he internally grumbles, prodding at a splinter sticking out from the table, nothing like being paired up with the teacher four times in one week.

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Anybody want a Gabriel starter?

headcanon ;; gabriel


          Gabriel Ryder-Novak is the half-brother of Megan and Benjamin Novak.
     Sharing the same father, Gabriel was the outcome of a one-night affair between Damien Novak and a woman he’d met at a pub. Gabriel was raised by his mother, Jessica Ryder, away from the Novaks before his magical abilities began to show.
          Fearing the powers her son was displaying, Gabriel was sent off to live with his father and half-siblings at only eight years old. And once he came of age, he was admitted into Hogwarts the same year as Megan was.

Does anybody have any/know the links to any 100x100 icons of Luke Hemmings? I’m making a new muse and I need icons. 

The other woman ;; Anguis and Grey ;;


She had been so comfortable. 

So comfortable in her life, and even happy. Most normal people wouldn’t find themselves happy and comfy in a situation where she was in love with someone who was in a committed relationship. Luckily for her though, the boy seemed to love her, they were dating secretly, and he was no longer happy in his relationship. She’d chalked it off as life finally going her way, the cards being in her favor, fates aligning and giving her what she wanted: Anguis. Things had gone oh-so-smoothly for the first 6 and a half months of their relationship; their romance moving quickly, seeming to fit perfectly in line with what they each wanted. 

Though Anguis, for some reason that Grey couldn’t understand, was unable to leave his committed relationship and then commit to Grey. So for the time being it was late night meetings while Anguis was “going to the store”, meeting in secret, lying to everyone they know, and sneaking around to the extent that Grey felt like a spy instead of a girlfriend. But she was happy, because she got the guy, he wasn’t the one who got away. 

She was now so uncomfortable. 

Her body had gone against her, disrupting the suspicious calm of their lives. One wonderful time had led to another perfect moment, leading to the third and last time they’d be intimate, and it ended up creating another person. Grey was brave, or so she feigned, so she’d cried for a few hours, screamed a bit, then fixed her makeup, called Anguis, and arranged to meet him that evening at their usual, romantic spot in the park. Which, coincidentally, is where they’d performed the act that got them in this mess in the first place. 

Sitting there, a stone face expression on her usual cheery face, she watched Anguis walk towards her. Normally, she would run and throw herself at him, wrapping her arms around him and not letting him go. But now, she sat there, still as a rock, knowing full well that he could very easily drop her, go back to his other relationship, and leave her with a baby. 

"Anguis, tell me you love me. Right now, tell me if you mean it when you say it."


               He was finally happy. 

     Now, Anguis and Holly had been together for three years now. And he thought he was happy with her. They had been the high school sweethearts who made it through graduation, the ones who thought love just meant you split the chores equally and did hand stuff in the back of movie theatres. He was one hundred and ten percent sure he had his whole life figured out.

               But then Grey came along.

          And for the first time in his life, Anguis understood all those cheesy love songs on the radio.

     Yet at the same time, he knew he couldn’t leave Holly. Anguis couldn’t explain it to himself, let alone Grey, but he just couldn’t muster up the strength to walk up to the girl he once thought he’d marry and say oh hey, I kind of fell in love with this girl who’s way more loving and wonderful than you, and we’ve been dating for seven months, so we’re over.

              So the easiest solution seemed to just be an affair.

     She always sounded a bit worried when she called him on the phone, just like he did whenever he called her; as if they were both children waiting for their mother to come around the corner and scold them. So he didn’t question Grey’s tone, or the sudden change of schedule in their meetings (they usually met on Monday, Holly worked late, yet today was Tuesday). He just treated it like any normal meeting. Put on a clean shirt, put a can of Axe in his pocket to cover up the smell of Grey’s perfume on him if needed, and headed out the door.

          Although he did start getting suspicious when she didn’t run up and give him their usual embrace.

     Sitting down beside her, a soft frown crosses the blond’s face, hands reaching over to rest on Grey’s knee as his thumb rubbed lazy circles on the fabric.

                             ”——Well o’ course I lov’ you. You’re amazin’. 
                                                                        Now what’s all t’is abou’?